CHRONO CHROME® PEEL-OFF Anti ageing – Smoothing

The Chrono Chrome® Peel-Off is the first color-changing mask. A specific pigment extracted from turmeric rhizomes causes the pale yellow powder of the Peel-Off to become an easy-to-apply, coral-red alginate gel after it is rehydrated. In 15 minutes the mask slowly turns into a bright yellow jelly mask. This visual Chrono Chrome® effect serves as […]

CHRONO CHROME® PEEL-OFF Firming – Anti-stress

Ideal for soothing stressed skin, this Peel-Off energizes cells to boost renewal and reveal denser and more relaxed skin. Its natural formula of polysaccharides, sugar, sea water, seaweed and cabbage is a real beauty recipe ! Its creamy texture follows the contours of the face and congeals into a sculpting, tensing mask. Skin is truly […]


A powder that changes into a skincare product!   An Agrimer exclusive, the Mousse Mask is formulated with a powder that can absorb forty times its volume in water or toner, then transforms into a surprisingly fresh, airy mousse. Highly moisturizing, the aqueous texture of Agrimer’s Mousse Mask features perfect affinity with the skin to infuse […]


This iridescent white wax morphs into a highly slippery oil, then into a moisturizing lotion upon contact with water. Its multiple functions make it an enzymatic exfoliator that immediately boosts radiance.


Our exfoliating fluids use fine sea salt crystals to provide effective mechanical exfoliation that won’t damage the epidermis. They are produced using marine technology and are rich in marine polysaccharides to protect the hydrolipidic film.


No facial care is complete without a peel-off mask. Our Peel-Off Mask is a highly specific, widely loved cosmetic medium. It uses the texturizing properties of alginates. When combined with water, the Peel-Off Mask becomes a thick, smooth paste to be applied to the whole face. After five to six minutes, the texture plasticizes and the Peel-Off Mask can be removed like a second skin. The Peel-Off Mask creates a fine, occlusive layer on the skin, which detoxifies the skin through the sweating effect and promotes the absorption of its active ingredients.