Masque mousse neige - AGRIMER Cosmetic


Ultra natural, this powder mask is capable of absorbing 20 times its volume in water to transform into a soft and creamy snow-white mousse mask. The snow mousse mask is enriched with Aloe vera and Calliblepharis jubata polymarines, objectified active ingredient, exclusive to AGRIMER. It soothes and moisturizes the skin.

AlgaGreen Beauty - Gamme COSMOS AGRIMER

AlgaGreen Beauty

AlgaGreen Beauty : a new line of cosmetics designed with organic seaweeds and marine plants, COSMOS* certified   Harvested in Brittany in highly pure water, our seaweeds are genuine concentrate of marine benefits. They deliver all the minerals and trace elements essential to the balance and beauty of the skin. Green chemistry is at the […]

Color powders 2020 - AGRIMER Cosmetic


An explosion of softness and color Upon contact with water, these white powders morph into a light, creamy foam. Multifonctional, it is suitable for all skin types for gentle cleansing of the face and body. Until 100% natural, silicone and preservative free, color powders keep skin healthy and silky. Color powders leave a light floral […]

Trio gommage spa - AGRIMER


New massage scrubs, rich in oil and sea salt crystal, offer an improved glide, more nutrition and more softness. The texture melts in the fingers and can be massaged at length with no greasy feel. Multisensorial, massage scrubs can be used on dry or wet skin in a SPA or under an affusion shower.   […]

Ecumes marines - AGRIMER


Discover the marine foam, a new way to cleanse gently, quick and comfortable. Non-aerosol, sulfate-free, formulated with gentle surfactants, their natural base respects skin and environment.   Available in two versions: Gentle marine foam – Soothing and Regenerating: A delicate and creamy foam, thanks to marine polysacharides, ideal to cleanse sensitive skin on a daily […]

Shak'air mousse mask and body wrap - AGRIMER Cosmetic


These powder masks have the ability to absorb three times their volume in water and air thanks to the preparation with a shaker. Like whipped cream, these silky, velvety foams delicately coat the skin to gently infuse it with the active ingredients. It can be rinse very easily. Available in three versions: Facial care: The […]

Mannequin Fusion Gel Peel-Off Mask - AGRIMER


Thanks to Fusion® technology, the mask is applied directly to the skin, with no need to measure or mix beforehand. The fixing gel is applied in a second step with a brush or with the hands. Through osmosis, seaweed is able to concentrate micronutrients, minerals, and trace elements that are essential for our skin. Fusion® Peel-Off […]

The Granites

Sensory granites The granite technology is an original texture looking like a crushed ice with the touch of a carrageenan gel. Refreshing, heated, foaming, exfoliating, for face or body, this “granite” technology is multiple and offers an original visual effect: translucent, changing and shiny. Based on a marine technology, 100% aqueous, our granites are rich […]


Whether used as skincare or a scrub, our exfoliators are a true revolution in professional treatments. Inspired by molecular cosmetics, Agrimer’s Skincare Caviar is used to precisely target dark spots, wrinkles, and other areas that need to be treated.