CHRONO CHROME® PEEL-OFF Anti ageing – Smoothing

The Chrono Chrome® Peel-Off is the first color-changing mask.

A specific pigment extracted from turmeric rhizomes causes the pale yellow powder of the Peel-Off to become an easy-to-apply, coral-red alginate gel after it is rehydrated. In 15 minutes the mask slowly turns into a bright yellow jelly mask.

This visual Chrono Chrome® effect serves as a time and gelling indicator, letting beauticians know when the actives have been optimally released.

Enriched with SPICE, ALGAE, and FRUIT, the Chrono Chrome® Peel-off is multi-active thanks to the combination of antioxidant turmeric, an anti-aging active ingredient derived from a red algae, and smoothing and exfoliating fruit enzymes.


  • Skin texture is refined, the skin is more uniform.
  • Dead cells are eliminated, the skin is brighter.
  • Cell cohesion is reinforced, the skin is denser.
  • The support fibers are stimulated, the skin is firmer.
  • The inflammatory system is soothed, the skin is protected.
  • Cell renewal is activated, the skin is visibly younger.

Chrono Chrome® technology provides a truly rejuvenating smoothing result to keep your time in the treatment room under control!

Illuminated, the skin is smoother, more even, visibly younger.

1: The data mentioned on this technical sheet is given for information only. AGRIMER does not carry out any efficacy tests on the products. The “responsible person”, as defined in EC Regulation 1223/2009, is responsible for providing evidence of the claimed effects (bibliography, efficacy tests…), according to article 20 of the same regulation.