Agrimer, the marine cosmetics specialist, is able to develop many surprising galenic forms thanks to the complementarity of our two research and development laboratories. One is specialized in powder mixtures, working with actives and formulas to be rehydrated such as wraps, masks, and peel-off products. The second laboratory is devoted to white-label cosmetics, creating innovative galenic forms with pleasant textures such as emulsions, toners, oils, waxes, and caviar.

Our product offering is structured around five types of creative cosmetics, providing a complete vision of our wide range of galenic forms for your search for standard or custom formulas.

AUTHENTIC: 100% marine formulas using raw seaweed and thalassotherapy wraps.

METAMORPHOSIS: innovative textures to create new skincare rituals.

EMOTION: velvety, highly pleasurable textures for the ultimate enjoyment in sculpting spa treatments and skincare.

EXPERIENCE: technical formulas for targeted beauty with active ingredients proven to be effective.

MOLECULAR: original cosmetics that are more precise and more precious.