Authentic cosmetic

The products in the Authentic family combine our unique seaweed micronization know-how with powder formulas designed for thalassotherapy. The formulas are presented in the form of wraps that are ready to use or require rehydration. They are used for slimming, drainage, and mineral restoration.

At the core of our marine know-how is a range of wraps and muds that promise beauty and wellness.

  • Seaweed Trio Wrap – Slimming – Detoxifying
  • Laminaria Wrap – Slimming – Remineralizing
  • Fucus Wrap – Detoxifying – Remineralizing

We offer formulas enriched with absorption activators and sensory effects such as self-warming, cooling, and foaming.


Backed by solid marine expertise, Agrimer has developed three product lines based on magnesium extracted from seawater, marine calcium, and marine potassium. These products are designed to fight stress and aging and to induce muscle recovery in extended courses of treatment.