Experience cosmetic

Agrimer’s expert knowledge of active compounds and the formulation of professional products give it an edge in creating Experience cosmetics. These skincare products are more technical; they provide targeted beauty care thanks to proven active ingredients. To provide results for all beauty needs, we have created complete programs to reinforce the active synergies between our different product forms.

The LIGHTprogram uses triple action to correct pigmentation flaws. The skin is cleansed deep down to enhance luminosity, followed by a mask and treatments that reveal radiance. Our line of six beauty products can be used to create four treatment protocols with a common goal: restore luminosity and even out dull, marked complexions.

The CHARCOAL program is based on the ability of active bamboo charcoal to adsorb impurities. It purifies and detoxifies lackluster, polluted skin and tightens the pores. The original, eye-catching, effective black textures eliminate toxins and impurities.