Metamorphosis cosmetic

The formulas in the Metamorphosis line have surprising textures that change upon contact with water or when prepared or used. Our expert powder formulation laboratories offer a wide range of Metamorphosis cosmetic powders to create masks, scrubs, and multi-functional care products.

Our Metamorphosis massage waxes turn to oil as they are massaged, then to lotion upon contact with water. This gives the bases a double advantage: comfort and a rich texture during sculpting, combined with ease of rinsing for a non-greasy finish.

Our mousse masks come as a powder that morphs into a moisturizing, translucent gel-mousse upon contact with water or toner. You only need two grams of these easy-to-use masks to treat the face and décolleté. You’ll be amazed as soon as you prepare them, and the instant cooling, remineralizing sensation feels great as soon as they are applied.

The sorbet version creates a thicker, melting foam that is ultra-gentle and softening, ideal for the most fragile skin. The sculpting version, rich in toning essential oils, can be used in sculpting or as a light, non-greasy mask.

Agrimer’s peel-off masks, which are a key element in professional spa facials, come in the form of a paste for rehydration, enriched with oil. This “sauna” mask infuses the skin with active ingredients to provide better comfort and intense care. Our oily peel-offs feature a true metamorphosis texture and are easy to prepare in ten seconds top with a shaker. Apply them in a thick layer; they are self-smoothing for quicker, more even application, and they peel off like a second skin.

Our laboratory developed new metamorphosis formulas :

The Color Powder is a white powder which morphs into a light, creamy foam with a soft purple color. Thanks to its sulfate free surfactants, it purifies and cleanses the skin while living the hydrolipidic film intact.

The Shak’Air Mousse are powder masks which have the ability to absorb three times their volume in water and air thanks to the shaker preparation. It creates a silky, airy foam.
Available in 2 versions:
– Enriched with activated vegetable charcoal, the Detox Shak’Air Mousse face mask gently balances the skin.
– Enriched with brown seaweed, the Draining Shak’Air Mousse body wrap lightens heavy legs.