Molecular cosmetic

This innovation by Agrimer comes in unique, original, MOLECULAR products inspired by molecular cuisine, in the form of caviar. The creative, precise, concentrated formulas can be used to create new treatment techniques. Whether the caviar is used as a skincare treatment or a scrub, our cosmetic beads are 100% skincare with no casing.

Our caviars won the Gold Award at In-Cosmetics 2016 in the “Innovation Zone Best Ingredient” category. We make them using a unique manufacturing technology that is fully integrated at Agrimer. They can be custom-made to include exfoliating particles, active ingredients, color, and fragrance*. We also offer associated protocols to create a technique unique to these atypical, multi-action textures. As a matter of fact, our caviars provide the ability to create precise, precious treatments that are effective and do not require rinsing.

*When possible, as determined by our R&D laboratory.