Agrimer can help you create formulas in line with your image as early as the marketing brief stage. Our packaging solution research means we can offer full-service solutions. We create professional formulas with our in-house beauticians to design protocols and optimize treatment costs. We develop bespoke products for all brands, whether they are marine brands, organic, high-tech, spa, or inspired by medicine. We keep abreast of formula and active ingredient innovations to challenge ourselves and stay in line with trends for innovative, effective product concepts.

We create our products carefully and creatively to satisfy any concept. Our team of experts is with you at every stage:

Formulation: search for actives, product development and customization

Regulations: drafting of PIFs, support for registration procedures

Technical: industrial feasibility studies, packaging studies

Marketing: prospective monitoring, recommendation of actives and range concepts, packaging solutions

Economical: cost optimization

All of our partner projects are carried out according to specifications (framework agreement and technical specifications) and are covered by a confidentiality contract to guarantee mutual trust and transparency in our exchanges with our clients.