This iridescent white wax morphs into a highly slippery oil, then into a moisturizing lotion upon contact with water. Its multiple functions make it an enzymatic exfoliator that immediately boosts radiance.

Its original base provides three different feels that change:

  • Wax upon application, to envelop the skin
  • Oily during sculpting for better slip
  • Milky lotion upon contact with water to moisturize and maintain comfort

It is a true surface peel. Its immediate smoothing action provides luminosity and evenness from the first application thanks to a combination of three active ingredients:

  • AHAs (fruit acids) and grafted AHAs, enzymatic exfoliators
  • Rock samphire, rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids and minerals—regenerating and toning
  • Ulva lactuca, rich in iron and vitamin C—protects skin and regenerates melanogenesis

A product suited to all facial treatment protocols

  • Its fresh, subtle fragrance goes well with any skincare product.
  • Its gradual, gentle action makes it possible to use it as an intensive course of treatment for an anti-dark spot, anti-aging beauty result.
  • Ideal for facials and treatments for the hands and décolleté.