Agrimer devotes special attention to selecting its raw materials and creating effective textures that please the senses for all kinds of brands. As a thalassotherapy specialist, we are experts in all powder or ready-to-use marine wraps, as well as in the entire massage product offering required for these specific treatments. Thanks to our white-label cosmetics expertise, we also offer a wide range of original galenic forms to address all beauty and well-being needs.

You’ll find every body care option:

BATH: bath salts, bath powders, Algosérum, spray-dried seawater

EXFOLIATION: in powder, fluid, gel, paste, mousse, and caviar forms

SCULPTING: with Metamorphosis oils or waxes, creams, mousses

WRAPS: powder or ready-to-use, self-warming or cooling, slimming peel-offs, mousses

TREATMENTS with programs to target hydration, slimming, hair removal, and atypical products: frozen granita, warming products, body butter, skincare caviar