Agrimer offers a vast array of conventional and organic formulas in keeping with regulatory changes and market trends. Our dual approach, covering both marketing and formulation, gives us an edge in expanding our offering of standard products to provide a solution to any beauty need: multi-masking, layering, multi-function, anti-pollution, and so on.

In our catalog, you can find them according to function:

MAKEUP REMOVAL: micellar water, oil, gentle toner.

PURITY: foaming gel, enzymatic wax, powder peel, cleansing powder, exfoliating mousse, exfoliating caviar.

SCULPTING: Metamorphosis sculpting wax, dry oil, sculpting cream.

MASKS: oily peel-off, thermal mask, mousse mask, sorbet, black mask.

SKINCARE:  cream, liquid bomb, skincare caviar, serum.