Since the aughts, the industrial process has been taking place completely in-house, from seaweed harvesting and processing to the development and manufacture of products. This allows Agrimer’s revenues to increase regularly in three business activities: nutrition, agriculture, and cosmetics.

Today, more than forty employees are involved in the company’s international development. As a result, we held our first export seminar with our top distributors: Germany, Spain, Italy, Poland, Taiwan, Thailand, the Philippines, and India. They were able to see how laminaria was harvested from the sea, study the different species on the Plouguerneau shore, and participate in a number of workshops on marine compounds, textures, and product efficacy. The sunny weather provided a beautiful opportunity for many to discover Brittany and its rich natural resources for the first time, along with behind-the-scenes seaweed harvesting and product manufacturing methods.

This year, Agrimer also hired two new staff members for its marketing department and a new export saleswoman to support its international development. Agrimer participated in six international trade shows (Paris, New York, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Munich, London), and the company earns about 47% of its revenue from export sales. We hope that providing our distributors with the opportunity to enjoy immersion at the source will help ensure Agrimer’s continued success as a proud representative of the values of Brittany.