Despite our long-standing success, this was the first year we entered one of our products in the innovation contest. Our exfoliating caviar and skincare caviar won our first Gold Award for a Functional Ingredient.

Our exfoliating caviar is the result of several years of research into gelling strength, bead size, active ingredient stabilization, scrub particles, and resistance to pressure upon application.

This innovative product has the special ability to be applied to the skin in the form of caviar. Pressure causes the three-dimensional structure of the beads to fragment and break down. They then form a protective network on the surface of the skin. The core and surface of this unique formula have the same composition, making it possible to perform a no-rinse scrub with no casing to be eliminated. Caviar is the ultimate skincare texture and it literally melts onto the skin.

At Agrimer, we are committed to preserving the environment. Thanks to our direct access to the resources, we can be demanding when it comes to raw material quality and consistency. Our caviar formulas are 95% natural. The entire manufacturing process, from formulation to production, takes place internally at Agrimer to ensure our bespoke, expert production service is fully controlled.

The potential of these galenic caviars is multi-faceted: skincare caviar deposits the actives in a precise, precious manner where skin needs them most, for example on wrinkles and dark spots. When combined with a specific sculpting technique, the exfoliating caviar is a true evolution for professional treatments since it is both a no-rinse scrub and a skincare product. It leaves behind a protective residual film and a matrix that releases active ingredients, such as our Aquactifs.