Agrimer worked on the Aquactifs project for four years to identify unused varieties of seaweed that have properties useful in cosmetology. A collaboration with the CNRS laboratory and the Roscoff marine biology station helped us to precisely identify the species cultivated, a guarantee of safety with our partners. Agrimer has implemented a growing process in the natural environment to control the entire fresh raw material parameters as well as the entire extraction process. This program has resulted in one patent application and the marketing of two red algae Calliblepharis jubata extracts: Cytoplasma and Polymarines. These two specific extracts each present proven dermo-cosmetic properties:

Cytoplasma: cell protection

Polymarines: anti-inflammatory, collagen synthesis

2017, Agrimer obtained the labellization for the launch of a new project: OCEACTIFS to explore new marine species for cosmetic use.