seaweed and plants

With a solid background in putting marine plants and actives to good use, Agrimer has developed a vast portfolio of marine extracts. We offer a wide selection of raw materials in different forms: flakes, powders, dry extracts, spray-dried extract with particles sizes that vary according to the sieves (T10, 30, 60, and 100), and liquid extracts (oily, glycolic, hydro-glycerin, or aqueous concentrates).

Agrimer is located at the tip of the Finistère in the town of Plouguerneau, right next to the goémonier seaweed harvesting boats. This direct access to the marine resource allows Agrimer to be the leading processing station for fresh seaweed intended for cosmetic use. Between fifteen and twenty tons of fresh seaweed are processed each day, and over 10,000 tons of dry seaweed are used at Agrimer’s site.