Agrimer is proud of its Brittany heritage, exploring the sea floor and putting its resources to good use.

When it comes to active ingredients, we work regularly to design research programs that identify seaweed species that have not yet been used but have properties valuable to cosmetology. Our latest program, Aquactifs, has been recognized by the “Pôle Mer Bretagne” competitiveness cluster. It allowed us to work with three new species from which we have extracted five proven active ingredients. Plantlets are produced in the laboratory before being transferred to the natural environment for growth. This allows us to avoid over-using this rare ocean resource. This program has resulted in one patent application and the marketing of two Aquactifs extracts: Cytoplasma and Polymarines.

As for our galenic forms, every year at international trade fairs we present new products that are original both in form and in use. Our bestsellers include Exfoliating Fluid, Algosérum, Oily Peel-Off, and other products that now have a stronghold in the product portfolios of many brands. All these formulas are derived from marine technologies and owe their success to their technical aspects and efficacy. Lastly, the Mousse Mask and Skincare Caviar can be tailored to suit our clients’ needs, revolutionizing treatment menus.