Throughout the world, MADE IN FRANCE is a phrase associated with quality, elegance, and innovation when it comes to cosmetics.

Agrimer, a cosmetics subcontractor, is at the cutting edge of innovation and creativity and is a Made in France ambassador. With its cross-disciplinary expertise, Agrimer has been able to integrate all of its activities at one unique site: from research to manufacturing and packaging, every step in product creation is Made in France.

Since 2015, Agrimer has been a member of the Marque de Bretagne network. Brittany, a land anchored in tradition and modernity, is a region that is proud of its origins and is committed to innovation and the use of seaweed products. Agrimer has inherited the ancestral knowledge of seaweed harvesting and is located in the midst of experts, making the company an integral part of this creative dynamic from Brittany, France’s leading region in marine cosmetics. Agrimer exports worldwide and bears the values of quality, reliability, and openness that define Brittany and France so well.