New massage scrubs, rich in oil and sea salt crystal, offer an improved glide, more nutrition and more softness.

The texture melts in the fingers and can be massaged at length with no greasy feel.

Multisensorial, massage scrubs can be used on dry or wet skin in a SPA or under an affusion shower.


Available in 3 versions:

Mineral Spa Scrub – Purifying / Remineralizing – This blue-grey marine salt scrub, rich in marine magnesium, is ideal to strengthen stressed skin.

Tonic Spa Scrub – Purifying / invigorating – This brightly colored scrub is ideal for energetic massages to purify the skin.

Spa Cocooning Scrub – Purifying / Relaxing – This transparent scrub with deliciously sweet notes invite to slow and exotic massage to soothe the skin.

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