It is our pleasure to announce Agrimer’s collaboration with Merck to market a new generation of marine actives for dermo-cosmetics.

This partnership, forged in Germany in July 2016, is the result of hard work in developing innovative ingredients derived from the sea. The first ingredient presented by Merck is RonaCare®RenouMer. It comes from a new species of genetically identified red algae and was selected for its effect on firmness and its ability to stimulate collagen formation. RonaCare®RenouMer was developed from the cytoplasm of the Polysiphonia elongata red algae species discovered by Agrimer on the coasts of Brittany. This seaweed has developed survival strategies in the water due to its high exposure to sunlight. The effects of its cytoplasm’s components, which are also beneficial for human cells, have been demonstrated both in vitro and in vivo. The compounds affect the formation of collagen and make the skin suppler and smoother. They also help to maintain the skin’s moisture levels and elasticity.
RonaCare®RenouMer combines the scientific knowledge of marine actives with the eagerness of consumers of all ages to keep their skin looking young and fresh for as long as possible. Karl-Christian Gallert, the head of Merck’s Cosmetic Business division, is very enthusiastic about our partnership. In his words, “With its natural mode of action, this active ingredient produced from seaweed cytoplasm is the perfect addition to our dermo-cosmetics portfolio.”

These marine actives are particularly attractive for consumers and for the cosmetics industry; they combine the desire for naturalness and the sustainable development aspect with the fascination for the unexplored depths of the ocean. The ocean is home to our planet’s last secrets and is a source of substances as yet unknown for health and beauty. Agrimer is considered to be one of the most innovative companies when it comes to marine resources. It has a strong reputation for ingredient quality in cosmetics, nutrition, pharmaceuticals, and agriculture.

“This ingredient is the result of an R&D program launched five years ago. It can be considered the first major step in developing marine actives,” states André Prigent, Agrimer’s CEO. “We are extremely happy with this collaboration.”