A powder that changes into a skincare product!


An Agrimer exclusive, the Mousse Mask is formulated with a powder that can absorb forty times its volume in water or toner, then transforms into a surprisingly fresh, airy mousse. Highly moisturizing, the aqueous texture of Agrimer’s Mousse Mask features perfect affinity with the skin to infuse it with the active ingredients. Its powder base stabilizes fragile actives to better preserve their properties. Its light, fresh texture helps to restore balance and energize oily, dull, lifeless skin.

The Mousse Mask comes in 4 jelly textures:

COOLNESS thanks to the Sea Buckthorn oil.

CALMING thanks to aloe vera and Polymarines (an exclusive Agrimer active).

ANTI-AGEING thanks to hyaluronic acid and Polymarines.

LUMINOUS thanks to a brightening vegetal complex.


A massage texture enriched with essential oil provides better slip for use in facial sculpting.


Finally, a sorbet texture enriched with softening rice starch and Polymarines, this ultra-soft and creamy powder base sorbet is ideal to soothe fragile skins. Two grams are enough for a facial!

Available in 2 versions :

PINK POWDER : Anti-ageing – Hydrating

WATER GREEN: Probiotic – Hydrating – Balancing Rich in pre/probiotic active ingredients and anti-inflammatory red algae, it boosts the skin’s microbiota and soothes the skin.